Reliable Quality.

For over 100 years the success of Franke has been based on stable value and high quality – this also applies to the production of our kegs “Made in Germany”. Reliability in everyday use, a comprehensive range of services to maintain serviceability and sustainability to protect the environment are the main criterias for this objective. The result is a Franke keg, which will give you decades of certainty that your product will reach your customers in the same condition as it leaves the brewery. Franke now additionally secures this promise in writing with the 30-year warranty designed to protect your investment and ensure a keg of consistent high quality.

Why Franke Kegs?
  • The highest product quality is assured through continuous inspections and evaluation during the manufacturing process.
  • Your investment is safe due to the reliable technical development, production and service processes.
  • Quality certification based on uniform standards for all goods and services.
  • Comprehensive range of services provided by Franke and the GNKS partner network.
  • Qualified personnel with the experience of the market leader.

To sum up: "Made in Germany" product quality with a better than 30-year lifespan – secured by our extended 30 - year warranty.