Keg Service


Whether beverage manufacturers, plant builders, logistics companies, filling companies or breweries:
the companies that work together as part of the Global Network Keg Services are the primary contacts for all things to do with kegs and keg-related services.


Keg Maintenance

Our keg service supports you making your stainless steel kegs functional and ready to fill. With our range of services for your beer, wine and soft drink kegs we ensure the longevity of the service life of your keg.


Keg Modification

From keg volume reduction through rebranding to neck conversion: we modificate your kegs quickly and reliably depending on the condition of your keg and the current market requirements!


Keg Management

You want to keep an overview of the total number of your kegs? Optimize the duration in the market and observe the circulation frequency of your stainless steel keg: with our keg management solutions you keep track of all of your kegs.



If your need is detailed information about your keg fleet, and you want to know where your assets are and optimize the cycle time, Tracking and Tracing is a powerful tool for a modern keg management.



Global Network Keg Services is a partner concept devoted to keg-related services worldwide as well as to the processing of existing kegs in line with your requirements. The concept was initiated and developed by Franke Beverage Systems.


Sight Keg

For visual quality control of your keg filling station


Service Inquiries

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