Particularly eco-friendly: Chromium steel kegs

Franke Blefa GmbH commissioned a study to compare the environmental impact of chromium steel kegs with single-use plastic containers. The study covered the entire life-cycle of the kegs, i.e. raw materials, production, transport to breweries and restaurants as well as waste streams.

The study shows that the more often a steel keg is used, the lower become the environmental impacts per keg usage. Hence the reuse rate (number of turns) is a critical parameter. With a reuse rate of 20 times or more, the steel kegs cause lower climate change, energy use and water use impacts compared to those of the plastic containers.

Sustainable Value - ECO²

Stainless steel kegs SHINE in two ways:

1) The use of RETURNABLE REFILLABE kegs is the most economical, profitable package for your beverage.

2) In almost 90% of packages the use of returnable/reusable kegs provide a package that is ecologically superior and at the end of its life it is 100% recyclable.


This is our contribution to save the planets natural resources and decrease energy used. At the same time it improves your

CO2 footprint – while still being the most profitable package.

Sustainability – through re-usability

With a 50 l keg you store and transport 10.500 liters of beer over a 30 year period at 7 turns per year

Given these facts it is important to have a reliable, responsible partner at your side. We at Franke recognize our responsibility and operate according to the following guidelines:


1) Franke creates values, designed for a long life time -> “Creating Value“

2) Franke and GNKS maintain the value together with you -> “Maintaining Value“

3) Franke supports, and is committed to preserve our environment whilst improving your profitability -> „Sustainable Value“

Reasons to use stainless steel

Stainless steel is a high quality material used for our kegs. They are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Your advantages are:


- 100 % food Safe, Sterile Beverage Packaging

- 100 % UV- and gas resistent

- 100 % recyclable